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Leadership and Team Safaris

Leadership and Team Safaris offer extremely valuable insights into ourselves, each other and our Natural environment. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and into the wilderness, we enable you to access your full Leadership potential and that of your Team.

Outdoor Coaching

From time to time our assumptions form obstructions to the growth of ourselves, our relationships and our endeavors. It is our role to develop the consciousness needed to understand these obstructions and help you nurture the courage to tackle them effectively.


Enabling a new reality requires a keen eye for the Organization, the Team and its Individuals. We allow Nature to aid us on this journey of renewal and let Natural wisdom, balance and rhythms inspire you in realizing new Vision, Strategies and sustainable Change.

Journeying with us will allow you to

  • Discover your dominant Leadership style and define your personal brand
  • Gain insights in strengths and develop your areas for improvement
  • Recognize behavior as an extension of our interactions with Nature
  • Discover your personal African ‘power’ animal and that of your Team
  • Strengthen the interactions and collaboration within your Team
  • Anchor valuable insights and growth into day-to-day life
  • Enable your full potential in building a brighter future for all

Teboho (34)

“The sessions have become breathing space for my mind and allowed me to re-prioritize my life. I now understand myself and others more deeply and live a life that is more balanced and full of purpose”

Eva (27)

“When I found myself at a crossroads in my life, Rutger’s invaluable knowledge, incisive questions and careful mirroring helped me gain new insights that continue to prove their value”

Anthony (51)

“Rutger has proven to be an extraordinary coach, observer and thinking partner. He demonstrates absolute support throughout the journey and is both challenging and exciting through his incisive questioning”

Paul (35)

“Rutger has helped me think differently about the problems in my life: resulting in real breakthroughs in just a few sessions. I would highly recommend his unique approach to coaching.” 

Robin (26)

“I really enjoyed outdoor coaching with Rutger. He is a very good listener, and often summarizes and feeds back my feelings and thoughts better than I am able to grasp them”

Casper (28)

“While walking in nature, Rutger helps connect mind, feelings and actions. Through his calm and gentle personality, he helps reflect on life and move from insight to meaningful action”

About us

Robin and Rutger Spill the Beans

Robin and Rutger have both decided to trade the European board-room for the African Bushveld. The goal they set out to achieve was mutual: to include Nature’s wealth of beauty, rhythms and wisdom in enabling new, challenging and exciting insights for the development of Natural Leadership. Together they share a wealth of experience in Leadership development, Coaching and Consultancy. Combined with their shared love for Nature, they are keen to facilitate meaningful and transformative experiences. Through their compassionate and challenging insights, nurturing attention and contagious enthusiasm, they enable everyone to find their own innate strengths and wisdom in Nature.

Lion Spill the Beans Rutger Peters

Our philosophy

There is nothing we can do to harm Nature that does not harm ourselves. We are it. It is in the gaze of the wild animal that this revelation starts to unfold. So, by sitting back and pondering our past, recharging our souls and coming to terms with our own Nature, we aim to close the circle and understand again who we are: in Nature.

Elephant Spill the Beans Rutger Peters

Our approach

A worthwhile and deeply meaningful experience is founded in a thorough understanding of what our clients aim to achieve. Since the decision to journey with us is an important step we wish to honor, we pride ourselves in our efforts to fully customize the experiences we offer in order to maximize the benefits for the Organization, Team and individual.

Group Spill the Beans Rutger Peters

Our clients

We work with anyone and everyone who dares to look at themselves or wonders what it would be like to do so. People who understand the importance of connection, with themselves and others. We facilitate this process of opening up towards meaning and understanding and ask everyone to bring their unique voice into the group.

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