Our Philosophy

There is nothing we can do to harm Nature that does not harm ourselves.

We are it.

It is in the gaze of the wild animal that this revelation starts to unfold. So, by sitting back and pondering our past, recharging our souls and coming to terms with our own Nature, we aim to close the circle and understand again who we are:

In Nature.

How did we get here?

Most of humanities’ ancestral fossils are found in South Africa, where the rugged land and its dangerous creatures remind us of the dynamics that have shaped us into who and where we are today.

Throughout the course of our history, we have been social creatures: relying on cooperation for survival and reproduction. What is often forgotten though, is that we were also predominantly a ‘prey’ species.

Large carnivores, particularly the biggest, most social and adaptable, the Lion, have helped spark the development of human social behaviour. It was our need for collaboration resulting from the threat of predation that pushed us to develop language. And so we learned to communicate dangers, manage the collective and eventually master the hunt.

It is only fitting that the philosophy of Africa, the very cradle of human kind, dictates:

“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”

“I am because we are,
A person is a person through others”

It was narrative that permitted us to create larger ways of collaboration, control our environment and declare our independence from biology.

And so, nation states and multinational organizations came to shape the reality of all species, including those we have left behind within the confinement of cages and reserves.

Where do we go?

Although we have progressed considerably since the early days of our development: the Bush calls us to our attention. Through our journey we have forgotten about our roots and the essential aspects of our Natural environment.

Within this place of origin, every plant and animal has its unique reason for existence. Their behaviours and motivations for survival and reproduction mirror exactly those of ourselves.


“Nature is our mirror, it needs no other justification”

Together, this dance of Nature makes up the fine balance of our Natural world, that which we have come to disrupt so extensively.

To overcome Lion’s superiority, we had to become better at what it was best at: dominating its environment. To create and choose our individual and collective future, we must make amends with that past individually.

Since to rule the world, means to rule ourselves.