Outdoor Coaching

Taking time out from our busy lives to spend time in Nature has incredible positive effects on our physical, psychological and emotional well being.

And contrary to popular belief: Nature is everywhere!


Every idea or thought we hold about ourselves or the world around us is just a simplification. Something we latch onto, allowing some ease of mind in the complex and messy world we find ourselves in.

From time to time, these assumptions become obstructions to the growth of ourselves, our relationships and our business endeavours.

Simply put:

“Performance =
Capabilities – Obstructions”


The first step in enabling a new reality, is to become conscious of our own current way of Being. To ‘Spill the Beans’ is to be honest and open to ourselves and – through this – become aware of that what (no longer) works.

On this journey it is my role to develop the consciousness needed to understand these obstructions and help nurture the courage to tackle these effectively, as Individuals, as part of a Team and as members of the Organization.

I facilitate insight while keeping a keen eye for the Organizational context and goals, working with various models tailored towards your needs.


Walking in the outdoors and consciously connecting with Nature, awakens our potential in the most powerful way. Engaging the body in physical exercise, you focus the mind and allow a natural flow of inspiration to come through.

For many who are living the hectic ‘hustle and bustle’ city life in Gauteng, it remains a hidden secret that Johannesburg and Tshwane are two of the greenest cities in the world. Both are proudly boasting a wide variety of safe and beautiful parks at your doorstep, ready to be explored.

Outdoor Coaching is powerful, since much of the guidance, energy and support we need is readily available and reflected back at us when we get outside of our usual environment and into Nature.

Outdoor coaching:

  • Brings us outside our usual context where we are more likely to gain a fresh perspective;
  • Exposes us to Nature’s transition cycles that we –too– experience in life;
  • Quiets the mind and boosts our physical, emotional and mental health.

“Every day, I walk myself into well-being and away from illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot out walk it”

Søren Kierkegaard