Leadership and Team Safaris

Natural Leadership and Team Safaris offer extremely valuable insights into ourselves, each other and our Natural environment.

Step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness, where you can observe first-hand the Leadership styles, skills and Teamwork of iconic African animals.


Until the next Safari

In Nature, life is simple: we live from moment to moment and all efforts are focused on what is needed to survive and thrive. During the Leadership and Team Safaris, we roam the territory in search of the fulfillment of those needs.

The main priorities revolve around the needs of ourselves in connection to those of the Team. Teams will only follow a calm and balanced Leader, one who enables his / her Team-members to bring in their unique strengths and capabilities.

Since we tend to gravitate automatically to our Natural stance in Nature. The Safaris provide ample opportunity to discover, develop and anchor your Leadership capabilities. During the workshops we acknowledge each participants’ unique journey and give way to a natural process supported by the perfect outdoor classroom: Wilderness.

Learning activities

Our activities offer the unique possibility to connect with Nature and fully utilize one of the best environments to learn and grow. This set of possible activities is not conclusive: in reality we tailor the chosen activities as well as the theories and models we work with to suit the specific goals and intend of the Safari and its participants.

  • Bushveld leadership trail
  • Wilderness team sleep-out
  • Astronomy Safari
  • Campfire storytelling
  • Bushveld navigation trail
  • Dawn chorus context setting
  • Leadership brand animal encounter
  • Coaching power animal encounter
  • Bush-treasure team trail
  • Bushveld survival team trail

Customized Leadership Safari

Ideally we work with fully customized Safaris that we completely tailor towards the needs of the Organization or Team. We pride ourselves in our efforts to do so, since it maximizes the benefits and outcomes for all involved. Are you interested in what this would look like for you? We can help you find out what works best.

Learning environment

The Natural Leadership and Team Safaris are hosted in cooperation with Claudia Schnell – 7 Senses Safaris at Clive’s Safari Lodge. Situated in a pristine 25.000 hectare BIG-5 private game reserve, about seventy kilometers west of the world-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa.

This wilderness conservancy was founded in the mid nineties and is well-known for its magnificent landscape diversity, varied by its two rivers, granite hills and Savannah plains. Nestled under beautiful Marula and Leadwood trees, Clive’s Safari lodge is the ultimate getaway from the fast-paced modern world. With its inviting viewing-deck and a large pool for pleasant dips, the lodge offers its guests time to relax and stunning views from the secure garden.

Five modern, contemporary African style decorated chalets are the perfect Safari home during your stay. These are fitted with thatched roofs, private wooden decks, en-suite bathrooms, an outside shower, air-conditioning and ceiling fans for your comfort. During the day you can relax on the private deck of your own chalet, join the workshops or enjoy the magnificent views from the pool where you will be astounded by the wide array of wildlife visiting the nearby waterhole.

The twice-a-day Safari routine will take you on adventurous journeys through this magical and timeless Nature reserve in an open Land Rover or on inspiring nature walks, depending on your preference. Returning from the afternoon activity, our chef serves delicious local and international cuisine. We value especially the time for stories around the campfire, while we slowly let the day’s adventures and the incredible sounds of the African night sink in: it truly is the perfect way to end an exciting and transformative day.

The way we work

Normally, we...

  • Accommodate groups or Teams of up to eight people to ensure a save container to learn in
  • Host clients in our beautiful, tranquil and trusty home-base Clive’s Safari Lodge
  • Completely customize programme-design to fully cater to the specific needs of the group
  • Work with proven theories and models that have come to shape our way of working
  • Work mostly in- and with Nature to enable sustainable growth and learning
  • Work mostly with English or Dutch speakers

But we can...

  • Accommodate groups or Teams of up to sixteen people
  • Organize access to other camps and trails in the vicinity, as well as around Gauteng
  • Facilitate standardized, proven-in-practice 3-5 day Natural Leadership programmes
  • Work with client-specific models in order to pose minimum disruption to standards
  • Facilitate engagements with community-based projects that aid inclusive growth
  • Accommodate German speakers

Getting there

Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport currently offers three daily direct flights to and from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport as well as one daily direct flight to and from Cape Town Airport. A 1 hr. airport shuttle can be reserved on your request to collect you at Hoedspruit airport.

Alternatively, daily shuttles (± 6 hrs.) maintain a direct transfer to and from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport and Hoedspruit, directly to the lodge. Self-driving is another option: the entrance roads to the lodge are – weather permitting – accessible for a normal low-clearance vehicle without 4×4. A detailed route description with GPS points can be provided. Allow 5 hrs. (±450km) from Johannesburg to the main entrance of the reserve.