Our Approach

We pride ourselves in our efforts to fully customize the experiences we offer in order to maximize the benefits for the Organization, Team and individual.

A fully tailored fit

A worthwhile and transformative experience is founded in a deep understanding of what our clients aim to achieve. Since deciding to journey with us is an important step we aim to honour, we pride ourselves in our efforts to customize the experiences we offer. Considerable time and attention is invested upfront in co-creating a programme that aligns closely with our clients’ goals and intend to create maximum benefit and returns.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Albert Einstein

We go to great lengths to understand the context, the current ways and – through that – the intended future state of the Team or Organization. This helps formulating a set of goals that come to shape the design of the process. The abundance of experiences that the African wilderness permits, combined with the range of our professional skills and experience, allow great flexibility in making every programme a unique and fully customized one.

From start to finish

Impala Spill the Beans Rutger Peters

Every programme is preceded by a preparation phase and concluded through a follow-up and anchoring phase. The preparation phase allows us to introduce theories and models, develop a shared language and collect important data that supports a steep learning curve. Afterwards, follow-up and aftercare is essential in ensuring that the learning is embedded in practice. It is only through deliberate action afterwards that growth becomes truly sustainable.

During the process we measure progress on the goals that are initially set out to achieve. Quantitative and qualitative impact measurement plays an important role in making the ‘intangible’ tangible. Additionally, in ensuring a valuable, meaningful and fun experience, we aim to accommodate all learning styles. This is why our approach is to balance both right-brain (see, feel, change) and left-brain (think, analyse, act) activities before, during and after.

Sounds good?